9stacks games

What kind of games does 9Stacks offer?

9stacks is an Indian online poker site where players come to bet their money. There are several online gambling sites in the internet world but very few of those have the proper authority, license, and security. But the main thing for what people visit these sites are games, not too much variety.

9stacks have varieties in poker games. In this article, we are going to encounter what games they are offering and How to Play 9stacks.

What are the Games offered by 9Stacks?9stacks offered games

Before going to the depth of their offerings in poker games, it is needed to be mentioned that they also offer Rummy. Rummy is one kind of card game that is very much popular with Indians.

Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit, and other types of poker games can be seen here. They have a well-organized lobby to offer you. The animation and sound effects are perfectly settled here. There is no chance for any objections from the player’s side. iTech lab is the service provider of this casino which is very reputed in the gambling community.

9stacks also have the license from RNG. A common problem which players often encounter while searching for the best online casino is the take rate. 9stacks is offering you a 4% rate on private tables and 5% on cash tables. If you are interested in tournaments then the rate is 10%.

Now if we talk about the contest facility then you have two options. The first one is, allowing you to participate in tournaments where people from all over the world will participate. As so many unknown players are there, your capability will increase by getting them as your opponent. And another option is creating a private room. You can select your opponent here and can play with them.

How to Play in 9Stacks?how to play 9stacks

The game process is very simple. You have to first create your account. For doing this, you have to put your name, address, contact details, and other personal information. During sign-up, you’ll get an additional 100 rupees which will be added to your newly made account.

Then if you won’t play, go for the icons. There will be a full step to step guide for each action, you are doing the first time. Tournaments, private tables, contests, everything will be shown there. Choose what you want to play.

Regarding the same method, it is needed to mention the process of transactions also. Visa, Master Card, Maestro, credit card, and debit card all types of facilities are there to add money into your account. But while withdrawing it, you need to fill up the KYC form there. The money will be added to your account within 2 hours of the action.

So there is nothing left that makes you worry or create any hesitation to play. Just select your favorite games from the list. Tournaments are very exciting and allow you to earn money without wasting too much money because lots of offers regarding tournaments are going on every day in 9stacks. Your journey with 9stacks will be interesting. 

Author: Aissa Hadhzi