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Bonus Code for PokerDangal in 2021

Getting access to the best codes and promotional offers is one of the things that attract gamblers and bettors to a poker site. If you are a PokerDangal member, then we are here with many bonus codes that you can use while doing transactions on this poker platform.

Suppose you have not registered on PokerDangal and like playing poker, you are missing out on many opportunities to play poker from India, with spending the least amount as PokerDangal bonus codes will help you get the best deals.

Current Bonus & Promotional Codes of Poker Dangal


If you are new and PokerDangal, you will be entitled to a whopping promotional bonus offer of150% of your first deposit. You will have to use the bonus code welcome150 while doing your first transaction. For instance, if you deposit rs.100, then you are entitled to a welcome bonus of Rs. 150.

Remember, this promotional offer is valid only one time. You will have to enter this bonus code while doing your first transaction only on PokerDangal.

REFILL20PokerDangal bonus REFILL20

your privilege of getting bonuses is not just limited to the welcome bonus in PokerDangal. Refill20 what works to unlock 20% off your locked bonus on PokerDangal. You can use this promo code until you have reached a limit of rupees 1000.


Insta15 is one of the best bonus codes, one which not many people know about. This is a wonder code to unlock 15% off your entire deposit in the form of funds when you use this promo code for the first time for monetary transactions. No waiting, no fuss, no hassle, you will get the bonus amount instantly on using this bonus code of PokerDangal.

FREE25Kbonus code free25k

If you use this promo code, then you will get a free ticket to 25,000 GDT. This is an amazing bonus code that you can use while playing cards on PokerDangal. However, there is one condition attached to it. The minimum amount you have to deposit cannot be less than rupees 200.


PokerDangal allows a load bonus of 20% on the entire amount. You can deposit every time and even a bonus of 20% if you use this promo code. There is an upper limit attached to this bonus code. The maximum bonus you can avail of is rupees 500 on your entire deposit.

This means, if you deposit rupees 1000, then you are entitled to a reload bonus of rupees 200. However, if you deposit an amount of rupees 10000, this does not mean that you will get rupees 2,000 as a bonus. The maximum bonus you will get even if you deposit rupees 10000 is rupees 500.

PokerDangal, Play Poker with Bonus Codes

PokerDangal is one of the best poker platforms in India. You can get access to tons of bonus codes that change from time to time. You can simply log into their site and look under the ”promotion” tab to have access to exciting promo codes that will facilitate your poker gameplay.

Author: Aissa Hadhzi